Tuesday, March 3, 2009

R & B

Now, after about the 3rd time I heard a 10+ minute techno remix of ‘Disturbia’ on the dance floor, I knew Rihanna was stupid. However, I didn’t realize she was this stupid. News sources from TMZ to CNN are reporting an apparent reconciliation between her and her face-punching boyfriend, Chris Brown.

Really? I have never been in a romantic relationship, but if anyone from my best friend to my own sibling beat me so bad I had to go the hospital, they would be less than dead to me. And I’m pretty sure my besties and my family have tighter bonds than these two dysfunctional R&B lovebirds.

The saddest part is, for some unbeknownst reason to me, young girls look up to this “beautiful” and “talented” “singer.” (I use quotes because I believe these things are arguable). So, young impressionable girls everywhere will now believe it is completely acceptable to forgive an unforgiveable offense when their boyfriend decides to take frustration out on their faces.

The other sick thing is the fascination surrounding this whole dysfunction. No one really cared about the relationship until it turned black and blue. Now, reports show that photos of the two reconciled are going to fetch prices up there with Brangelina and their brood.

Now, I only boast a bachelor’s degree in psychology, but I guess fame and riches can’t even escape battered woman’s syndrome and unfortunate learned helplessness. Hey, Rihanna can barely learn how to sing or write songs that don’t sound exactly the same, should I be so shocked? Rihanna and Chris Brown, you deserve each other.

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