Thursday, March 19, 2009

Fearful Americans scare me

So, a CNN poll is showing that Americans fear they are going to lose their current quality of life and accustomed standard of living. Well, these people all deserved these Mommy Dearest-style slap in the face years before this recession.

A vast majority of Americans believe living beyond your means is the true American Dream. They have literally mortgaged their souls to debt and impulsive, hedonistic practices in purchases. Every keeps blaming the banks for their lending practices and the mortgage crisis, but anyone with a brain can understand that they can and cannot afford certain things, such as, real estate. Just because deals sounded enticing and sales pitches were made, fish can choose not to bite.

Everyone’s standard of living across the nation is somewhat diminished. Extravagant purchases have been reigned in and people are traveling less. People have finally learned how to spell the word budget and realize that you shouldn’t buy stuff you can’t afford! I believe this lowered standard of living needs to stay there for most people.

In closing, really? Americans are afraid of losing their standard of living? What about things they should really be afraid of? It scares the bacon out of me to think that legislators our mortgaging subsequent generations' futures to fix the problems of the present. It scares me that our borders are being overrun by vagrants. It also scares/upsets me that one of the most prominent religious figures in the world is clinging to an archaic practice regarding contraception in light of 22 million dying individuals. Why doesn't the average American think about these things when they're suffering from an acute case of not going out to eat?!

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