Friday, March 20, 2009

you can't win an oscar for blogging, so don't

This might be a bit hypocritical, since I usually post about things that I have nothing but strong opinions about, but what is with celebrity blogging? Sure, I like to preach on common sense, parenting, celebrities, and politics, and only have a strong background in 25% of those things. But, celebrities, some more annoying than others, pretend to be professionals by the sheer fact that they are in US Weekly.

Case in point, I was sent a link by a friend to Courtney Love’s MySpace post about… get this… mortgage fraud. Really, Court? The only thing you should be blogging about is the best way to come down from a coke binge or how to really scrub vomit out of satin sheets. I would put good money on my assumption that she knows absolutely nothing about this ‘industry of fraud.’ My assumption was validated by the fact that I’m sure real experts use correct spelling and grammar, not to mention the F-Bomb a lot less!

Although the end results didn’t exactly align with my personal hopes, thank goodness the election is over! I couldn’t get over all of the celebrities buzzing around writing (or having someone write for them) posts about the election. And by “election,” I mean overly praising the second-messiah-esque Barack Obama. I remember, seeing but not reading, a MySpace blog by Puff Daddy and his thoughts on the election. Gross. This guy can’t even make a band (much less a decent solo record), do I really want to get behind his political opinions?

I just wish celebrities would stick to what they are good at or just do what made me like them to begin with. So, Courtney, I would rather read about you getting bombed at some A-ish List party then read your dissertation on subprime lending. Thanks!

The actual ‘article’ is here:


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