Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I is for Illegal

So, at least Houston can do (or try to do) some things right. A recent article showed that Mayor Bill White is pleading with the Department of Homeland Security to aid local law enforcement to help deport illegal immigrants who commit serious crimes.

The unfortunate catalyst for White’s movement was the horrendous murder of a Houston police officer investigating drug related behavior. The gunman was an illegal immigrant who was shot when police back up arrived. While I applaud this movement to help clean up the streets of miscreants, isn’t being an illegal immigrant a serious enough crime?

Homeland Security is concerned with overseas threats and plane hijackings, when our own soil is being terrorized by individuals who refuse to legally pursue his or her American dream. It makes me sick to my stomach to think that Homeland Security hasn’t already done everything in their power to support local law enforcements to prevent illegal immigrants fro committing serious crimes, much less being in the United States at all.

Perhaps new laws should be drafted to scare illegal immigrants back across our borders. If and when one is found committing a serious crime, they should be shot in the face, just like Office Richard Salter was at the hands of an illegal. Just a thought…

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