Thursday, December 18, 2008

the gross bumps

There are too many things in this world that just plain bug me. Being annoyed is one thing, but don’t we all have those things that fall into that weird realm. They are usually little things that do a little more than annoy us, but don’t necessarily offend us. It’s those weird things that make you feel like a cold wind just blew through your body, and possible a mini-throw up in your mouth. Plainly, the just give you the schwiggins or my newly invented expression: give you the ‘gross-bumps.’ Here are a few of mine…

-When grown men use the word buddy when talking to me. Last time I checked, I’m not 8 years old anymore. I mean, even if I am in my early 20s, when men in their late 50s choose to refer to me as ‘buddy’ it makes me feel like I am 8 standing on the sidewalk and a 12 passenger van with tinted windows and a sliding door pulls up… creepy!

-Overly loud individuals in the public bathroom. I mean, we all take shadoobies, but you don’t have to broadcast your latest meal’s escape of your bowels! Sometimes noises slip out, but there are too many individuals who check their shame at the bathroom door. Just because I can’t see you, doesn’t make you inaudible!

-Tom Cruise’s maniacal laugh… well… Tom Cruise in general.

-Public displays of affection. Newsflash couples: you’re not as cute as you think you are… quite the opposite really. The phrase, ‘get a room’ was created for a reason. So, don’t make everyone else look at you get your baby maker all hot and bothered!

-Poor grammar. Wait… Scratch that. It’s actually pretty offensive.

What gives you the gross-bumps?

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Sarah Renee B. SMITH said...

when people expect you to do something without asking instead.. can't stand that.. and i do that sometimes myself.. not good..

when someone is younger then me and talks down to me like I am about 10 years younger then me.. arrggghh!!

dirty diapers that has climbed up their back .. hate it!!
I can go on but I will not