Wednesday, December 10, 2008

one less change

psilThis is probably just me kicking and beating the dead horse, but can we focus more on the relevant changes that Obama should be worried about. I don’t care that he doesn’t like beets or what school he is sending his daughters to. The latest mouthful of vomit was caused by a rapper who I lost all respect for, Common.

He made statements that having Obama in office will encourage rappers to rap about more positive things and will influence them to be more socially aware. Yeah, socially aware, that’s why rappers wear necklaces and other ‘bling’ dripping in diamonds when there are children dying, starving, and diseased in Africa. They are so socially aware, they would rather spend money on Bentleys, yachts, and expensive champagne than make social differences.

They are concerned with selling records and producing a #1 club hits so they can buy more cars, get more girls, and drop another shark in their fish tank. So, they write songs about dancing in the club, falling in love with strippers, dealing/selling/using drugs, and other classy, classy activities.

If you think for a second that Obama has the charismatic power to change the hip-hop scene, you’re about as stupid as ½ of these rap songs. Even more, the average rap audiophile isn’t buying the albums for advice on how to heal the world. They tune in and listen for the beats, not the brains.

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