Thursday, December 11, 2008

gay means happy, not stupid

Ok, unbeknownst to me yesterday (12/10) was “Call In Gay Day.” Haven’t heard of it? Neither have I. I guess that just shows how well this stupid idea was planned. Anyway, it’s a day that all gays were supposed to call into work and gay businesses were supposed to close in opposition to Proposition 8.

Unless you wear a tiara to work or flame through your hallways and break rooms, I doubt anyone would even notice that you were gone! If your boss is anything like mine, he doesn’t really care why you’re asking off as long as you have the PTO. I could tell him I need to take a ½ day to bury a body and he wouldn’t care. So, my calling in to prove a point (that he probably doesn’t care about) would be pointless.

Besides, if I had an employee who called in for that lame of a reason, they would practically have a target on their forehead for reasons to fire them. A lot of good your ‘protest’ was. Even if the law passes, no one wants to marry someone unemployed!

In the lame attempts to mirror the effect of the ‘Day Without A Mexican’ documentary, the faux planners had one crucial factor that was gaily overlooked. Although there is gay culture, it is nothing compared to the magnitude of similarities and history of an entire ethnic culture. Gay people come from millions of different backgrounds. Yeah, we’ve all got the same-sex thing going on, but our backgrounds as far as race, religion, age, educational and socio-economic background, etc. are more diverse than any other ‘culture.’

Next time you want to protest or make a point, roll out some hideous lines at fashion week or start giving people really bad haircuts. Finally, on the serious, if every gay man were to quit working for a day, I think the Gap would shut down…

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