Wednesday, December 3, 2008

white house, black man

I just read an article about how significant it is that a Black family will move into the White House that was built with slave labor. So, people might think I’m evil for this, but is anyone else tired of hearing about our history-making, Black President-elect? I’m sorry that America has a sordid, disgusting history with slavery and poor treatment of varied minorities, but although I didn’t vote for him, I pray every night that all his supporters did so for the right reasons. Being Black isn’t one of them.

Electing a President because he is Black or because she is a woman is incredibly stupid. It’s about as stupid for voting for John McCain because you’re a racist. You know, when I think about Obama, I don’t think about him being Black and neither should anyone else. Yes, he is Black, the first African American President, and this is milestone in history, but enough with the stories that are ONLY about this. I don’t care if our President was a post-op Mongolian transsexual, what would this Chop-Stick She-Him do for our country? About the war and the economy? Where does IT stand on taxes, education funding, global warming, etc?

Media and media-watchers, stop focusing in on the dark color of this man’s skin and get over the historical significance (not to belittle it, because it is an amazing highlight in the annals of American history), and lets focus on what the next 4 years are gonna be like for our nation.

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