Monday, May 12, 2008

A Random Rant...

Ok, so I would say more than ½ of the jobs in the market are customer service related. Unless you are an IT genius, mortician, work in a lab with rats, or print your own money, a bullet point underneath your job description says the words: customer, service, or customer service. Whether you’re a cater waiter or a high powered lawyer, your bread and butter is directly derived from your ability to help your clientele and, in essence, hold their hand and pat them on the head throughout whatever trial or tribulation they may have encountered. So, my question is, if this is true (which it is), why are so many people so bad at it?

One of my biggest pet peeves in this world is bad customer service. Nothing will spin me into a worse mood than that. I’m not expecting every retailer, waiter, or phone rep to make my day or shine like a million diamonds in the sky. But I am just reaching insofar as I expect decent service? I don’t think so…

When one goes to a restaurant, you are being served by people whose income is directly correlated to the quality of their service. Remember, waiters only make about $2.15 per hour. However, the amazing waiters or bartenders can theoretically take home an unlimited amount of $1s at the end of their shift. So, why be a bad waiter? Like I said, I’m not expecting these people to sit with me and feed me, but there are basic duties that should be performed: drinks should be full, food should be hot, needs should be anticipated. Sure the kitchen staff isn’t a room full of rocket scientists and maybe you just got triple sat, but should this ever be communicated to your table to justify your lack of service? NO! Making excuses is like pouring salt in a wound!

Also, look presentable. Unfortunately, this is a shallow world, so a very wise man once said, ‘you cannot help how you are perceived, but you can help how are you are presented.’ Every person on the planet should write this down and put it on their bathroom mirrors. It’s simple and true. No matter what you look like, someone somewhere will be judging you and making snide comments, but why give them the ammunition? Clothes should be pressed, hair should be well groomed, and is bathing just praying for a miracle? Don’t dress for the job you have, dress for the job you want. Walk into work everyday like you will be interviewed (cause, in essence, you are). I would NEVER expect a person who looks like they care very little about their personal presentation to care anything about the level of service they provide.

This is a really random blog. But, I guess it’s just me venting after a handful of bad experiences… a Wal-Mart checkout clerk who couldn’t be dumber if they were headless, a waiter’s idea of small talk is to B!t©H about his other ‘needy’ tables, and a gas station attendant who still wouldn’t smile even if she were on Space Mountain with Santa Claus!

That’s all folks. Drive safe, and tip your waiters (but only if they really deserve it).

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