Monday, May 5, 2008

Obsessions & Fears, Pt. 2

In response to my sister-in-law’s “Sick Obsessions/Fears” blog, I have decided to echo her sympathies and share a few examples on how my mind works…

When it comes to obsessions, I feel like I have borderline OCD. From the moment I hit college (for some odd reason, it never took before), I became an insane neat freak! It has died down a little bit, because Hello! I have a life now. However, it still rears its ugly head from time to time. For instance, I like all products in my fridge, pantry, etc. to be faced. What is ‘faced’ you ask as you make a face? Well, my laid back friend, ‘faced’ refers to the fact that every label on every bottle, box, can, or bag should be facing forwards so that when you open the cabinet/fridge door, you see a splash of branding that reminds you EXACTLY what you have on stock! Genius!

When it comes to other around the house quirks my motto is, 90 degrees PLEASE! I very rarely arrange anything (furniture, magazines, pictures, ANYTHING) not on a right angle and/or parallel/perpendicular. Clean lines!

Other weird things include: TV volumes must be set in increments of 5, while my alarm must be set in a number ending in 1 (so that when you snooze, 9 minutes later, you wake up at an even time). They don’t call it the ‘right’ side of something for nothing. Having all these ducks in a row makes it that much easier for my head to hit the pillow at night.

Speaking of sleeping at night, there are a number of fears that I have that make that quite impossible. I have no idea where most of these fears are rooted, but nonetheless, they are my own personal hell. The list includes (but is not limited to):

1. Evil children (in film). The more general Children of The Corn, or that well-girl in The Ring, or just about any role Dakota Fanning has even been in with the notable exception of Charlotte’s Web (it was more about the animals).

2. Non-animated figures that are given human traits. This obviously doesn’t include characters of the Muppet variety. These are your less common ventriloquist/marionette dolls that are made to look like and act like people, even though they are not! Quite simply put Wooden Spawns of Satan!)

3. Anything that has more than 4 legs or none whatsoever! (Spiders, scorpions, roaches, snakes, worms, etc.)

4.Dropping things. Whether it is a priceless antique (don’t have a lot of those) or a paper clip, I absolutely hate dropping things. From the moment they leave your hand to the split second they crash, crack, smash (or any other variety of Batman Sound) on the ground, I am overcome with a split second panic attack (gasp and all)! Why? Who knows?!

5. I would come up with a 5th fear, because I like good, ‘round’ odd numbers, but alas, my mind is drawing a blank. Nonetheless, here I type to make it more visually appealing. (I guess this would be filed underneath obsessions though…)

Thanks for the idea, Abby!

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