Thursday, May 8, 2008

Captain Quirk!

In response to my previous blog, my lovely S-I-L Abby informed me that I have quite a few other obsessions. She then, cited one that I feel was a bit of a misnomer. What she took as an ‘obsession’ of mine, turned out to be a quirk. Now, you may say “potato, potato.” I say, “Shhhh!” because you’re wrong and there is a distinct difference. Obsession lies in a small town on the Far East side of Weird. Weird is centrally located between Obsession and the very Western Quirk.

Things that fall in the realm of Weird/Obsession are almost turn-offs. These sorts of weird things make you make a face like you just vomited in your mouth and swallowed it really quickly (mini-throw up if you will), or the kind of face you would make if you were trying to figure out the square root of 68,743,895,543. For instance, (and I’m of course picking on you (you know who you are)) having an unnatural aversion to the feeling of certain fabrics… Personally, I have no idea where that technically falls, but probably some suburb in between Weird and Quirk (closer to the Weird border obviously).

On the other hand, quirks are cute. They are tiny distinctions or –isms that remind you of a person and a gem of their personality. They give you that little smile every time you think of that person or see/hear/smell (maybe/hopefully not smell) something that reminds you of them. Knowing someone’s quirks means you KNOW them. It’s much more defining than knowing his/her favorite restaurant (how generic), and closer to actually knowing what that person would order at said restaurant.

The list could be quite long, but here is a concentrated version of my quirks…

1. I brush my teeth in the shower.
2. I sleep on-top of my duvet with an old comforter and sheet from a drawer.
3. I only like chocolate in Ice Cream form.
4. I eat Skittles in twos. (Not just 2 at-a-time… 2 reds w/ 2 purple)
5. I wear two pairs of socks when I wear dress socks.
6. I talk non-stop on a regular basis, but refuse to utter a SINGLE word during my favorite show/movie. (If you talk, I will be upset).

Wh at are YOUR quirks?!?!


Dena said...

Dena's Quirk List!

1.I make the bed before I get in it.
2. I dry off in a certain pattern when I get out of the shower.
3. When I pick up a product at the grocery store, I shake it.

John B. said...

I am just picturing you shaking an apple in a produce aisle...