Sunday, January 9, 2011

Look! I can fly!

This is pointless.  But I loved this picture that was taken of me last night, I thought it constituted an entire post.  Also, I live in Dallas and it is snowing and any sign of mild mild precipitation makes the drivers here more stupid than usual, so I am home with little need or desire to do anything remotely productive.

I have made chicken noodle soup, facebooked excessively for a Sunday morning, and decided to post this awesome picture of me flying.

You're welcome.

Speaking of the snow and awesome things, my roommate and I were talking about the weather and wondered if it was snowing elsewhere.  We started talking about Tennessee (because my other friend is traveling there for work).  I said, "I bet they are getting a lot of snow too because being on the coast probably increases their chance of precipitation."  

After a mild disagreement and quick google, I realized that state in fact does not border the Atlantic ocean... I fail.  This incident only reinforces my knowledge of my lack of knowledge of geography.  Like this, but worse, because I defended my argument that Tennessee was a coastal state because I was sure the Nashville flooding of 2010 was a hurricane...

So, I can fly, but I am stupid.  I think I still win.

I am gonna watch a movie now.

QUICK UPDATE: As super loyal readers, I'm sure the 3 of you would finally love to know the answer to a question I'm almost certain you ask yourself.  What is John wearing right now?

Yes, those are awesome wood floors, fluffy black house shoes, and pajamas with bacon on them and a bacon drawstring.

UPDATE: My company is going through a conversion that new report that requires you know all of the state abbreviations.  My knowledge of this is surprisingly worse than my knowledge of the states' locations.  Seriously, why are there so many M + A states?!!?  


Anonymous said...

You're labels for this are hilarious. Stupid flying bored chicken noodle soup. I'd like to see what that looks like. I'm wondering if the soup is flying sans bowl :-)

John said...

Ha. I don't even know what the 'labels' are for so I choose to be ridiculous.

Gina said...

1) I love that picture. It is awesome.

2) A hurricane could flood an inland state (I don't know if that's what happened in TN, though) if it moves fast enough. Rare, but you could still be right!

3) Labels on your posts help with search engines. Titles and labels are the first things searched by google and friends, so making them relevant to your content helps bring the internet masses your way. I actually think your labels are spot on.