Wednesday, October 29, 2008

the right idea

So, we are within arm’s reach of the end of this horrible rat race. I am so tired of hearing about the election and the polls. If I never hear the words change, liberal elite media, or Joe-the-plumber again, it will be too soon. Just about every headline is geared towards the 4th, and it’s just obscene. I can't even look at Wolf Blitzer anymore. In the midst of this hot mess, I did find a hilariously retarded article.

A man in Ohio exercised his 2nd amendment rights in response to over zealous Obama supporters need to perpetuate negative stereotypes about the youth’s lack of common sense or self-restraint. Police reports say that the man is facing ‘felonious assault’ charges because he fired his rifle at two teens attempting to deface his yard sign that supported our favorite Right Wing geezer. I laugh, because there are so many things wrong with this article.

First of all, yard signs? I have quite the disgust for the visual pollution of front yards and bumpers constantly bombarded my peripherals. Nothing ruins curb appeal more than someone’s need to shout from the roof tops his or her political viewpoints. These things are pointless wastes of plastic. Go to rallies, donate money, and (duh) vote for your candidate of choice. I doubt too many undecideds or independents change their minds based on a 4x6 sticker plastered next to your need to brag about your child’s GPA.

I guess my amusement with the article should take a back seat to the disappointment, because I wish the article would reported more serious wounds than that of a gun shot to the arm. Vandalism on any and every level should be met with non-discriminating and excessive force. It is the most pointless and annoying crime. Robbing, car jacking, and even murder I get. Who benefits from you ruining something of someone else’s? The vandals who choose to break the law in such a stupid way deserve to get shot.

My greatest relief of the entire article is that these straw for brains retards aren’t of voting age.

PS – if you have yard sign, don’t take offense. Just rest assured that on the walk up your sidewalk, I judge you.

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