Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Come November

There are certain words or catchphrases that seem so cool one day, and make me want to take a power drill to my temple the next. Whether it’s the religious zealots totally ruining the word ‘awesome’ or Christian Syriano’s overuse of ‘fierce,’ many fads in vernacular need to be put to bed. If you’ve watched ANY news channel you’ve heard and slowly watched one man turn a great word into an unholy utterance: CHANGE!

This sappy, well-written rhetoric is better set for a kingdom Far Far Away, because Obama must be dreaming of fairytales. And let me tell you, his dreams are my nightmares. Super-sized government, an overflowing of ridiculous social programs, and higher taxes are the changes upwind that smell about as good as a jock strap after a double overtime. I do see a change on the horizon; it’s called Socialism! Sure, America is facing some pretty big problems right now. I don’t care your political views, because it doesn’t matter if you’re standing to the right or left of a pile of crap, you to know it stinks! I’m pretty sure that most of our government has been working pretty well for the last 2 centuries, so, fix what needs to be fixed, touch up the paint in the oval office, and leave everything else alone.

I’m tired of grandiose speeches pointing one finger at the last 8 years of Bush and somehow thinking that having the weight of the free world on your shoulders is merely an act of finesse in rhetoric. Obama’s change-based speech-making is tired and the oldest page in any political campaign following ‘hard times.’ I doubt McCain will be marching in the Gay Pride Parade anytime soon, but I would sooner follow him off a mountain before I put one foot behind Obama. He might be a great public speaker and John McCain may look like he’s rotting from the inside out, but that’s my vote, and I’m sticking to it!

I’m not going to align myself with a candidate just because of ONE social label. There are too many other things that are more important to me at this stage in my life to even begin to dream of walking down an aisle. So, my fellow social ‘minorities’ don’t leap onto the O-bandwagon. There’s still time to make the right decision!

I’m John Boerger, and I approve this message.