Monday, October 6, 2008

average isn't great

Well, we’re about a month away from a very important election. After watching the VP debates and hearing our viral media comment on every action, past indiscretion, and clothing accessory of the candidates (and their families), I get more and more confused about what our priorities are and we think we need in the next President.

Whether you’re a little heated over global warming or railing over offshore drilling, there are serious issues on the horizon that the candidates should be scrutinized over. They should be over the barrel in answering questions and providing solutions the problems that could someday cripple the US and the rest of the world. Why are we so concerned with the dumbest things in the world? I don’t care if the next First Lady may or may not seem like a warm, loving mother next door. I’m not voting on whether or not Cindy McCain is dripping in diamonds in her public appearances. I could give a rat’s if these people seem like they could be an ‘average Joe’ I’d have a drink with at a bar. Because chances are, you would be hogtied and tasered by the secret service before you can say ‘cheers.’

Why do people want a President who they can relate to and see as an everyday American? Let me tell you, the AVERAGE American is a pretty poor measuring cup for the next leader of the free world. Less than 10% of Americans have a graduate degree, which is a number slightly less than those who have dropped out of high school. A staggering 27.6% of Americans have a bachelor’s degree. I mean the average American is good and all, hell, I’m one of them. But, do I want a mildly educated, middle class worker making decisions for 300 million individuals? H no!

I want an elite, ABOVE average, professional civil servant who can make tough decisions, inspire followers, and get the job done. Newsflash people, the average American doesn’t and couldn’t run for President! It’s just not in the cards for the other 299,998 of us. So, commentators, stop scrutinizing the candidates on their level of normalcy and how the candidates should be ‘one of us.’ And candidates, stop branding yourselves as an average American. Avergage is kosher, but a President should be great! Frankly, I would rather put a chimp in the cockpit of a 747 before I let any average person in the White House!

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