Wednesday, September 22, 2010

shallow waters run deep.

Going to the gym has exposed me to a whole new world of physical fitness, short shorts, and distractingly beautiful hard bodies. If I had a dollar for every time I forgot what rep I was on, what exercise I was supposed to be doing, or almost fell of the treadmill, I would, at the very least, have my gym membership more than paid for.

Anyway, I was ogling some naughty little body the other day, and let’s just say this meat sack had it all… well… almost. When sizing up new talent, I always start from top and work my way down. Hair: good. Face: great. Body: OMG. Shoes: Fail! No offense intended but those shoe/gloves/toe-socks/water shoes have to be the most unattractive things you could possibly put on your feet. I mean, you could do a foot puppet show with dead weasels, and I would only be slightly more offended. Unfortunately, this was quite the deal breaker. It would be like whipping up a beautiful, homemade key lime pie (my favie) and instead of crust, you used dog poo.

It might seem shallow to judge someone on such a seemingly insignificant flaw. But, I feel such horrible isolated incidents (shoes, haircuts, Ed Hardy t-shirts, etc) reflect a deeper issue of a person’s taste and judgment. Shallow waters run deep. This super-hot guy clearly picked these shoes out, spent good money on them, and wears them habitually in places where people can see him. I mean, I bought and LOVE my Snuggie, but I don’t wear it anywhere but home… alone! What happens if and when I’m dating this person and they decide to buy me a gift? Normally, I would like to see how something like that would play out, but I don’t see it ending well.

On a different trip to the gym, there was this guy who was b-e-a-utiful. He had big beefy, Disney prince arms and it seemed this engine was firing on cylinders. However, Prince Eric’s doppelganger’s hair was much more like a Muppet character. (And it wasn’t gross working out hair, you could tell this guy THOUGHT it resembled some sort of style). Most people would say, “but you can always change his hair.” But, why should I waste my time and energy changing anything about another person? It might be just hair, but this guy can stomach looking in the mirror everyday at that insane do and has done nothing about it. I just want someone who has taste, a job, and doesn’t beat me. Is that too much to ask?

These types of people clearly have big issues with making important decisions. I mean your hair is your head suit. If they can’t use good judgment on their personal appearance or care enough, who’s to say they will be able to properly take care of the less superficial things in life?

Hair, shoes, posture, or any other seemingly materialistic, skin deep thing speak volumes. Being concerned about your personal appearance doesn’t make you shallow, it just means you respect yourself. I definitely don’t define myself by my outer appearance, and I’m not particularly fond of my nose, but I believe you should ALWAYS put your best foot forward. Finally, like the source of almost every other aspect of my personal set of values, I’ll leave you with wise words from Ru Paul, “If you can't love yourself, how the hell are you gonna love someone else?!”


Gina said...

The bigger point is that these fellows THINK that this IS their best foot being put forward. Regardless of the "shallowness" of your habit of judging them, do you really want to get involved with somebody who really, truly believes that foot gloves are attractive. I can only imagine how far his "good taste" extends. Barf.

Tim said...

I almost never fix my hair for the gym - why bother when it will get sweaty anyway? Or maybe I am just lazy lol. The shoe socks definitely prioritize comfort over looks, but at least, unlike crocks, people can justify the purchase beyond just being the latest fad.

J said...

There is nothing acceptable about those shoes. I don't care the functional benefits, fanny packs are functional, probably the most functional personal bags EVER, but those aren't coming back. And, I do my hair EVERY TIME I go to the gym. Except for the pre-7 AM workouts...