Thursday, July 31, 2008

an open letter...

Please consider this an open letter to anyone/everyone who uses any sort of online community (i.e. – Facebook, MySpace, etc.)

Dear ________,

Whether we have a little insomnia, boring jobs, or time in between classes to kill, we all love to pass our time online on various online communities. You signed up and filled out a profile. Great! Now, new users, let me give you the cardinal rule of your profile content when you create it. For those of you existing users, read this and peruse your profile for infractions on said rule.

Your profile can say many things. It can say, everything from ‘I’m a fun time’ to ‘I got talked into joining and don’t really care’ or ‘I have way too much free time on my hands.’ These are all acceptable statements, but one thing you don’t want your profile to say is, ‘I’m a hypocrite who lacks any level of integrity.’

Now (2 paragraphs later) my point: make sure EVERYTHING in your profile is sending a consistent message. In other words, if you have 13,462,357 pictures tagged of yourself at every bar in the tri-county area drinking shots, grinding up on strangers, and/or looking wasted out of your mind, please don’t say your interests are Bible studies & God, that your favorite book is the Bible, and have all of your favorite quotes come straight from The Good Book.

I’m not saying to not have a good time and live the young life, but don’t broadcast to everyone that you’re a hypocrite who values only a handful of scriptures and ignores the rest. Chances are, you’re not that devout. Or, I’m wrong, and you actually go to church Sunday morning smelling like Saturday night.

I guess I’m just sick of profiles that suffer from a bipolar disorder of character. Fix it!


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mark said...

point well taken