Monday, July 28, 2008

Just checking in

Although I’m not at home anymore making that check-in call while out in the big city of Plainview, I thought it would be good to post about the recent goings on in my life. Most of my days are uneventful and provide little setting for a blockbuster action thriller or heart warming romantic comedy, but maybe it could serve as some sort of straight to DVD coming of age tale/comedy… But then again, maybe not!

Anyway, it’s been a little over a year since I walked off that stage in that goofy cap and gown and into a moving van to Dallas. While taking in all that a city (that isn’t Lubbock) has to offer, I made new friends, worked, and enjoyed plenty of new experiences.

One of the best luxuries I am afforded here in the DFW is my close proximity to family. Two of my brothers, their wonderful wives, and little Boerger girls are just a short drive away. Throughout the past year I have seen my nieces grow another year older as well as welcome (come Friday) the newest addition to our crazy family! As much fun as it is to see the little ones grow up, I am continually amazed at how my relationship with my now adult brothers is changing. While we once sat around watching The Goonies or locked each other out of the house, it is crazy to think we are now cultivating real adult relationships with one another. Their wives aren’t too bad either!

Since I graduated early, I moved to this city with merely a handful of friends/acquaintances. 12 months later, many of my close friends from college have packed their bags and moved east to be a quick phone call and drive to rekindle the good ole times! Once again, house parties with kegs of Keystone light are definitely a thing of the past, and we are now enjoying the world of real world ‘grown-up’ jobs. Although I’m not necessarily doing the Can-Can every time I write my rent check, it is exhilarating to have all the new responsibilities.

I guess on a more personal note, I recently had failed and passed a whammy of a test, and I’m talking a George Michael whammy of a test! I suppose most of my higher education came at a breeze so I was less than impressed with myself when that FAIL flashed across the screen the first go around. However, I was given a chance to take it again (after another torturous month of studying), and have never been more exhilarated to receive a B- on an exam!

So, now I’m just living everyday waiting for the next milestone or short-term personal disaster to keep that constant reminder of life’s fluid fragility. Until then, I’ll try to check back in more than just monthly...

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