Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A, B, C, or D?!?!?!

Life is often compared to book. Cliché platitudes like ‘start the next chapter of your life,’ whirl around our vernacular in the hopes of conveying a message. While the more flighty, carefree individuals’ book might read like a lyrically spinning poem, others are more condemned to a script that resembles a guide to the ins and outs of your new cell phone. Nowadays, my life has seemed to bounce back and forth between these two ends of the spectrum. However, some chapters have review sections that test for review (both literally and metaphorically).

Whether it is an annoying person (who is more focused on their phone call than not swapping paint with you on the highway) who tests your patience or an actual exam that pushes you to your mental limits, I think everyone’s life-book has few pages ‘marked of review.’

Now, I will definitely convey some highly original advice in the next line, because successfully ‘passing’ these trials requires preparation, perseverance, and hope. Obviously, anyone who has read the back of a Chicken Noodle Soup for the Soul book has heard these or similar words, but if ain’t broke don’t fix it. Ok, something original cause I think I’m borderline plagiarizing…

The point is, I just made you read 3 paragraphs of practically regurgitated and repackaged wisdom in order to let you know that I need a favor. In a few days, I will be taking one such test. This one is quite the heavyweight, and this will unfortunately be my 2nd time in the ring. Encouragement, words of wisdom (hopefully more original than this), and, above all else, prayers might all work in tandem to help lower my stress and open up a can of Whoop @$$ on the butterflies swarming in my stomach!

Also be forewarned that my next blog with either be a hopeless attempt at making myself feel better through anger and/or cynicism, or maybe everything will work out for the best and you’ll have to stomach a blog that is so horn-tootingly estatic, you’ll think you were Santa Claus on Prozac!

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Abby said...

You'll do great! I can't wait to see what Santa is like on drugs ;)