Friday, October 9, 2009

(No)bel, NObama!

Far be it for me to base my anger on actual news and a Saturday Night Live sketch, but what the hell?! In less time it takes for a high school cheerleader to screw up her life, our President has slipped his Quaaludes of charm into the already fizzled out Obama Kool-Aid to the people of Oslo and won himself a Nobel Peace Prize. When I read the headline, I literally wanted to throw myself through a plate glass window!

Whatever, he’s the President. I’m over that (sort of). But, as an American citizen who didn’t buy into this guy from the beginning, I don’t see what ‘changes’ Obama has made to deserve such an award. Ty Pennington and team at Extreme Home Makeover change more lives every Sunday night than 9 months of this Presidency. I didn’t actually realize how little this man had done, until the SNL opener last Saturday.

The writer’s at my favorite late night comedy sketch show painted a pretty clear picture of what promises Obama has followed through on… Last time I checked, soldiers are still dying in Iraq and Afghanistan, Guantanamo Bay is still open, and as a gay man, I have no more rights than under Big Dub-ya.

The only things Obama have done are actually embarrassments to news organizations across the world. He spent almost ½ of his first year picking out a dog, he organized a highly publicized Happy Hour, and he called Kanye West a jack-ass.

If and when Obama actually accomplishes something and proves he deserves the enormous responsibility the American people have placed upon his shoulders, then he can be nominated. The helium had barely died in the inaugural balloons when he was nominated for this great honor. When I was talking with coworkers and said, “hey, Obama won a Nobel Peace Prize.” Their immediate response was, “for what?!”


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