Monday, June 6, 2011

i blame lack of alcohol

Today has been a weird day.

I blame lack of alcohol consumption. For the first time since my liver or I can remember, I did not go out this past Saturday night. I mean, I drank by a pool and found my new calling in life (XBOX Kinect Dance Central), but I was showered, flossed, and away in dreamland with Michael Fassbender before 1 AM. 

TJ and I dance battling... Clearly, I won.

For future reference, this is me dancing and/or having it all.

Anyway, I think my low key evening was awesome on one level, yet completely destroyed me on a whole other more accurate level.

Sunday was productive... ish. I was in and out of the gym before noon, and this is where any semblance of productivity ends.

Now, I can usually blame Sabbath sloth on a hangover or exhaustion, but this day was nothing for the sake of nothing. You see when you are under the weather because you've told yourself 'what's one more Jello shot?' the next day, you are completely justified in telling yourself, 'do nothing.' 

Believe me, I always tell myself, I couldn't even possibly go get milk, because no one in the general public deserves to see me throw up in the middle of the dairy section, grab a 1/2 gallon of rocky road, and run away like a bow-legged mongoloid. 

For once in my life, I actually felt guilty for being so useless. I didn't make it to the grocery nor did I do a bit of laundry or any of the other things grown up people are meant to do during the last moments of their weekend.

The last moments of my weekend were spent watching Rory Gilmore hijack a yacht and drop out of Yale. 

Flash forward to this morning and my iPod (while on shuffle) decided to play one of my favorite Christmas carols of ever on my drive to work. I have since been listening to the 300+ Christmas songs on my iPod. 

It's June... in Texas, y'all.


salwa said... floss?

Also, what was Rory THINKING? I mean seriously, I know she was going through some sort of goody-two-shoes crisis, but grand theft YACHT? Come on.

John said...

HA! On rare occasion I floss... I eat A LOT of popcorn.

I know right? I mean couldn't Rory just go get wasted or get a regretful tattoo?! Don't even get me started on the final season though. It makes me want to punch a nun.