Tuesday, June 23, 2009

coffee talk.

Due to my recent unemployment, I have found myself doing something new. I find wasting an hour or two of my life and $2.71 quite rewarding. I curl up with a book (yeah, I’ve started reading) and a Venti Americano from Starbucks and people watch, or more accurately, eavesdrop.

I have found I look a little more covert with a book in hand, but if anyone is spying on me, they are probably assuming I have a degree from the DeVry Institute hanging on my wall since it takes me 2 hours to read one chapter. Anyway, I have found society pretty interesting. Watching two perfect strangers, judging by the awkward body language, have a first date, or two good friends talk about their other not-so-good friends is like crack to me now.

Watching (and listening) to my new ‘friends’ at Starbucks makes me wonder a few things though. Why are these people here? Have they succumbed to the toilet bowl of an economy like me? Or should I be jealous in knowing they are living off trust funds and/or rich husbands? Whatever the reason, I listen to be entertained.

This new experience has taught me how unawkward (not a real word) it is to be in public alone. Even less awkward than the overly giddy barista who greets every caffeine-craving soul with a ‘howdy’ so happy you would assume they wipe their butts with orchids. I usually reserve my (comfortable) solo time for three places: 1) the bathroom, 2) my apartment, or 3) movie theaters airing movies I’m too embarrassed to ask anyone to accompany me to.

I may not be making reservations at a sit-down restaurant for a booth for one anytime soon, but I do like the idea that I’m pretty good company.

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