Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Just a picture...

There is a picture that hangs in a house. In this picture, there is a group of people who wear crisp white shirts and stand smiling. You would never know what truly lies behind those smiles, and who this family really is. It is just a picture.

They say that hindsight is 20/20. So, when looking back on this past year, I’ve found that the Boerger’s have a lot to be thankful for. Whether they are personal, professional, medical, or familial achievements, my family has seemed to have redefined the meaning of ‘blessing.’

From the top, my parents continue to be pillars of support for the constantly growing brood of Boergers. I am reminded daily of how much my father actually knows. It still might take him a month to play a DVD or figure out a new computer program, but his strengths truly lie elsewhere. Unfailing in his patience and understanding, he continues to be an amazing resource in this thing called life. Now, next to every great man, there is a woman. Let it be known that this isn’t just any woman. Following a painful diagnosis and (to say the least) life-changing report, my mother has been able to find blessings and hope in a trash pile of a situation. She has been able to persevere and fight through a very difficult hand of cards, and she continues to come out on top.

Much like their parents, my brothers and sisters all deserve their proper accolades as well. My oldest brother, Jeremy, has survived (literally) a past few years that could practically be a Lifetime movie. The demons of his personal life are a continuing battle that he fights and wins daily. My other brother, Paul, and his wife, Abby, have also breathed sighs of relief this year as they faced the good and bad head on. Whether it the daily challenge of wrangling 2 rambunctious girls who are Boergers in every since of the word, or celebrating the culmination of years and years of hard work with a shiny cap and gown, Paul and Abby live on as life happens. Also, far away in the land of snow, Sarah and Gabe do their share of child wrangling with their 2 boys. They are definitely making their mark in Colorado by continually shining in their professional and spiritual lives. Sarah still might not be able to keep a cell phone (even if it were implanted in her forehead), but she continues to juggle being a mother, entrepreneur, and sister to me. Back in Texas, Mark and his wife, Dena, are beginning to come down with that life-changing diagnosis of parenthood. Shortly after their 1 year anniversary in January, they’ve opted to expand their family and give me another reason to visit Fort Worth! Our whole family has be praying since we heard the news that Mark will figure out that the ‘pictures’ of the diaper go on the front of the baby.

Now, anyone who knows me knows that I am not against talking about myself. However, I will try to keep it brief. This past year has been interesting, sometimes a struggle, but more often than not, full of surprises and changes. Most recently, I have a received a sizeable promotion. Following tests, interviews, and prayers, I was offered a job with H.D. Vest that will open many other doors for my future professional endeavors. The job keeps me in the Metroplex, so I’ll remain close by to be a part of my nieces (all 3) lives and a quick plane trip home to Plainview. All in all, I couldn’t be more thankful and/or excited/terrified to where my life will go from here. (It will be quite an experience to look back at this blog a year from now.)

So, the next time you’re in any of our houses, take a look at this picture, and don’t just look at the pristinely white shirts and flashes of teeth, but truly see a group of people who understand that sometimes God gives with both hands.


Abby said...

You amaze me with your words. Yes, we are abundantly blessed!

Sarah Renee said...

you say all that we wish we had the brains to say... well speaking for me... and yes at this very moment..I can't find my stupid cell phone...
love you