Saturday, September 1, 2007

Tightening The Bible Belt

Religion is an integral part of society. It is a cornerstone of beliefs, morality, and structure for any given group of people who share a common dogma. Religious views vary from person to person, region to region, and culture to culture. However, there is a certain region that has some quite troubling views. Deep within the 'Bible Belt' (the shiniest Bubba belt-buckle part of it) there are crosses lining the rolling hills, churches filled to the brim on Sunday mornings, and kind, gentle church-goers who sit in their pews demurely... wave politely at passing friends... read their Bibles diligently... and sing their hymns triumphantly.

However, another common activity of these church-goers or at least a majority of them here in the ‘Bible Belt,’ is judgment. Yes... while they sit in their pews, wave their hands, read their scripture, and raise their voices, these church-goers are simultaneously passing judgment on the passing crowd. If these people would take a moment to actually look at what they read in their beloved book, they would learn about a man who never judged. These people claim to know Him and His way of life and His teachings He died for, but actions speak louder than words. He taught and practiced love and withheld the judgment. That is why it is so shocking that these so called ‘followers’ practice judgment and stipulate their love.

Promiscuously brazen whores!!! Freedom-hating terrorists!!! Disease-ridden homosexuals!!! Or any other ‘labels’ or derogatory ‘titles’ that are given to any given group are usually given by those who consider themselves “Holier” than those they are labeling. God said a great many things, He forged a universe out of nothing, and above all else (in my opinion) He loves. He must live in a glass house, because He never throws stones. Not at the town whore who’s wiles sentenced her to a stony death, nor the children who wanted to gander at the Messiah, and not even the thief and murderer who dangled from a cross at His side. So what gives us the right to warm up our pitching arms and hurl that first stone?

Personal reflection and an unbiased view of oneself and others would do this world and those in it wonders. If these ‘Christians’ would only look away from those they are labeling and turn their glance at a mirror and a better interpretation of the ‘Good Book’ they would be less hypocritical and more understanding and open-minded to the aspect of human nature we all call a ‘flaw.’ It is no wonder that the greatest cause of atheism in the world today is Christians, and why sometimes I question my own Christianity and how I am being perceived by non-Christians due to judgers and hypocrites who also praise my God.

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