Saturday, September 1, 2007

Chuck & Larry

Ok… before you think that this is some crazy liberal, left-wing rant on why gays should get married, this is not also a gay man’s 15 minutes on a soap box screeching on why he should be allowed basic rights granted to every other American in the nation. I myself have gone through my own struggle with accepting this concept and truly examining the actual definition of equality. Due to my personal religious views, I see marriage, as defined in the Bible, as something I would never endorse or seek to allow. However, as a citizen of the United States of America, I believe that everyone has the right to get ‘married’ as defined in the laws of this ‘free’ country. Last time I checked the United States was considered the ‘leader’ of the free world and is pretending to be a model of freedom and democracy for the other 6 billion individuals across the globe. However it seems there are certain freedoms this country is not granting to all of its citizens.

First of all, this nation cannot be a ‘symbol’ or example of the perfect nation if it is not willing to grow and change with the times. It is not a good enough reason to say the Bible says its wrong for the fact that church and state are separate. No decisions in this nation should ever be made on the basis of what it says in the Bible. Although a number of laws seem to coincide with a number of commandments laid out in scripture, they are not one in the same. First of all, not everyone in the US is a Christian and also the Bible, in certain places, is highly open to interpretation. Some things are in black and white, but if you open the door for some things to be banned or become laws simply on the sole justification because the Bible said it, bad things will happen in this country, as they have many times before. There was a time that the Word was interpreted to say women are less than men and that non-Whites were inferior as well. Due to this twisted interpretation, the United States went through some of its darkest years, from which, the ripples from those stones are still being felt.

For those of you who believe that it would destroy the sanctity of marriage in the US, think about this.... about 38% of all marriages fail within the first 4 years! And with people getting drunk and married in Vegas, people getting married more times than they have fingers on one hand, and/or people who marry simply for money, looks, or status, seem to have taken care of that de-sanctifying. Also, maybe it’s just because I’m in West Texas or there might be people like this all over the country, but, how ‘sanctified’ is a shot-gun wedding that is only being held simply because the groom knocked up his soon to be mother-bride. Say “I do” kiss her quick and drive her to the OBGYN. Is that a marriage that is sanctified? I don’t think so. Now, some of these marriages last and turn into loving unions, however most end with a Jerry Spring quality kid and 2 angry, bitter divorcees. So, ‘marriage’ in this nation is anything but blessed or sanctified.

Plus with almost 50% of marriages falling apart, divorce lawyers are making a killing, not to mention marriage counselors, wedding planners, and various venues that cater weddings (bars, hotels, churches, reception halls, etc.) the economy would boom with the explosion of this realm of the economy.

Also, as I gay man, I see the social world of ‘gay society.’ The gay man is about monogamous as the stereotypical frat gay. I believe this is due in part to of course the fact that they are men and refuse to not sow their wild outs, but also due to the fact that they can never truly have a solidified, legally binding union between them. Many straight bachelors are settled down because a beautiful, smart woman gives them an ultimatum that calms their horniness to an at least controllable boil. Also, like most women, lesbian couples are very devoted and have solid relationships.

Another quite ridiculous claim against gay marriage is that if you let two guys/girls get married… what’s next? And I’m not sure what these people even mean. Do they mean like a dog? Or goat-man of some kind? Either way, I think its safe to say people shouldn’t marry animals and anyone stupid enough to think that would happen should really be sterilized. The point is, right now there is debate on whether two individuals of the same sex should be allowed to be legally recognized as a union. To make the jump to animals is to brand a homosexual subhuman.

The point is, America, stop starting wars and invading people’s countries telling them what to do and demanding they change and become more free and democratic, like us, when there are plenty of fires at home that our government needs to acknowledge and put out. Once again, beating a dead horse here, you can’t be an example of freedom and democracy when you refuse your own citizens' rights based solely on their sexual orientation. We are all people. Maybe people who are sucking on social security, are dangerously stupid, or morally corrupt shouldn’t be allowed to get married. Now that’s a law I can get onboard with.

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