Monday, November 12, 2007

To do...

If you’ve bothered to turn on the nightly news, pick up a newspaper, or hear me rant about a bad day at work, you know that we live in a negative world. Gas prices are climbing about as fast as our hope in tomorrow is fading. Everyday we roll out of bed and resist the urge to sledgehammer our alarm clocks because we know the day before us will be full of challenges, tests for our patience, and other unfortunate negatives.

Now, all of these things may be true. But, as they saying goes, in the darkest night, there is always some beacon of hope somewhere, no matter how dimly it may shine. If you’ve ever talked to me upon the close of the bank at least 3 out of the 5 days of the week, you know that I like to complain about all of the people in the world who like to tell me how to do my job. While I am thankful for their input, I know how to do my job. Therefore, I complain.

I am sure that most people also have similar phone conversations with other friends and family who have the patience to endure the ranting. But why should they have to endure our long windedness half of the week? The short and sweet of it is that they shouldn’t have to.

Therefore, I am writing this as a challenge to myself and those like me to find a phone buddy. Not someone to complain to or talk at, but someone who has at least a minute for one thing. Whether it was a stranger who’s kind smile in passing reminded you that people are good, or news that someone you love recently started a new job, got a good grade, or (if you know little ones) started walking, tell that phone buddy about it, and how it made your day.

There are things that can make your day. There are also things that do not. It’s not the 24 hours that tick by, it’s not the hello and goodbye of the sun, and it’s not the punch of the time clock at the end of the day. It is the moments that make every single day worth remembering, living, and thankful that you didn’t ‘snooze’ button the day away. So, make this a part of your daily routine, somewhere between the moments your head rises and falls from the pillow. Call, text, or email that one person and let them know that one thing that made your day. For all you know, what made your day and your happiness might just be the one thing that that makes theirs.

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Abby said...

One thing I delight in is hearing Beth's joy that Uncle John and "Pooper" are coming over! My girls LOVE you and we're kinda fond of you, too!